The Mavericks install went smoothly on all three machines I have.  So far, I don’t care one way or the other about it, save that I am happy it is free.  The only issue I have had is that second monitor on my iMac at work developed an annoying flicker.  Some reports out there suggesting unplugging the monitor, then restarting the machine, but several attempts at that did nothing.

Somehow, magically, overnight the issue resolved, and there was no flicker today.

Apple’s updates to other software have been much more confusing.  I was able to update Keynote and Numbers for free, but Pages asked for $20.  Then on another machine, under a different Apple ID, Pages was free.  Reports today are that these upgrades were only supposed to be free for the elements of iWork purchased independent of a computer purchase, which all of mine were.  So while some folks got full unplanned freebies, I believe I paid 20 bucks I shouldn’t have.

Fact is, I have never used Keynote.  I do like Pages, and I am hoping that the ability to work across devices without losing edits will have me working in Pages much more.

The real Mavericks

The real Mavericks

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